“Superb Speaker, consummate Entertainer” - Rita Moreno

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Heather Rogers specializes in infusing creativity, innovation, productivity, and corporate culture happiness by unleashing the 'supernova power' of the MIND and building maximum ENGAGEMENT with Teams, Leaders and Customers. If your people are treated like valued creatives, and given mind-tools to 'maximize the moment', they will be more productive, happy, healthy and more inspired to co-create a magical working environment.

Smart, innovative businesses understand that they are in the entertainment business. Your three main human-asset directives are to develop culture, manage conflict and execute change. If your people feel happy, valued and self-expressed, they will partner with you in these directives and will deliver the world to your organization.

These are the problems we solve:

  • We know that STRESS costs American businesses 300 billion dollars a year.

  • There is a ‘talent war’ being waged by companies to attract and retain top talent.

  • Workers with chronic health problems miss about 450 million more days of work each year than healthy workers.

  • Information overload, digital addiction, mind-fog, miscommunication, isolation, and worker apathy are very expensive.

The next generation employee expects a corporate culture that will be a happy home. They will stay, thrive and deliver ‘high-voltage contribution’ in a culture that is fulfilling, meaningful, growth oriented, innovative and fun!

Heather’s keynote will crack the code to creating an exhilarated culture, turning the workplace into the miracle zone.


“The Mind-Mechanics of Happiness”


This game-changing presentation is a unique synthesis of Motivation, Magic, Humor, Customization and power-packed Content. In life, there are no bystanders. Your attendees are immersed in an EXTRAORDINARY MAGICAL EXPERIENCE that has been crafted just for them that they will remember, talk about and source, for years to come. 

Heather’s keynote will not only help in optimizing workflow and maximizing the mind; it offers solutions for keeping ‘the right people on the bus’ while fostering their ability to push the limits of what collaborative cultures can do.

'New-paradigm organizations' that are close-to-the-pulse of change understand that the science behind creating a happy work culture is as important as the science behind creating any new technology.

Cultivating highly intuitive players and streamlined procedures is the only way organizations will be able to keep up with the accelerating speed of business today and the surprises of tomorrow. Click here to download Speaker One Sheet.

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