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Heather Rogers


Heather Rogers is an award winning Magician and precision performance Speaker and Epigenetics Human Potential Coach who has presented magical programs at over 4,000 public and private events ranging in all sizes and venues, from Barack Obama’s Inaugural Ball in D.C. to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Heather and Velia Amarasingham are the Co-founders of Curated Entertainment, a boutique ideation consulting firm and entertainment company that provides one-of-a-kind customized, immersive and interactive programs for the events industry.


Magic, Innovation & Transformation

To shape-shift the ‘brain, body and being’ of individuals and entire work cultures by delivering practical tools that help individuals achieve the highest levels of performance and productivity while optimizing the mind's power to achieve the 'impossible'.

How she does it:

Using magic, humor, customization and Epigenetics research, Heather creates ecstatic experiences that expand creativity, and transform work cultures. She assists professionals in creating 'fiercely focused thinking habits' to disrupt outmoded practices and help them hit their performance marks while becoming the best possible version of themselves. All programs are designed to help people cultivate the physiology, and mindset of “limitless possibility'“.